Quick Reads

Just have five minutes on the bus? Amrah’s Quick Reads are here to provide that imaginative escape no matter where you are or how little time you have:

Is He Prince Charming?:

PC 2

The prince is an irresponsible flirt who won’t settle down. The king needs an heir who will grow up and take care of the kingdom. What’s the solution? A royal ball, of course.

Despite Princess Anastasia’s doubts, the prince does meet a girl who’s different from all the others. But what’s this? A wicked stepmother, and several stepsisters? If there’s a girl who can ever learn to put up with the prince’s self-centeredness, her past may ruin this romance—and the ball!—before anyone gets a fairytale ending.

In paperback

Ebook at Amazon

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I Believe in Santa: A short story of hope at Christmas

I Believe in SantaAdults don’t believe in Santa, and this year Maria has given up on Christmas hope altogether.

Maria just moved to a city where she doesn’t know anyone, was dumped by her boyfriend, and feels abandoned by God. She expects this Christmas to be the loneliest one she’s ever experienced. When the voice on the radio implores listeners to hang onto the hope and Christmas spirit that Santa represents, she shuts it off – even the Christmas spirit doesn’t feel real to her anymore.

Will Maria be left to experience the loneliest Christmas yet, or will the hand of hope reach down to help her out?

This short Christmas read will get you into the spirit of the Christmas season.

Available at Amazon.


Spring Fever:


Why  would Emily have spring fever, when it’s almost Christmas?

Emily is restless and discontented. Not with her job – she loves her job. This is the same restless feeling she used to springtime, when everyone around her is falling in love.
But it definitely isn’t spring time now. Still, maybe Emma is falling in love…

FREE at Smashwords!


Lookin’ Good

Lookin' GoodSometimes you really like a guy, but nothing you do seems to get his attention. Yet you still imagine if you just wear the right outfit – act confident enough – everything will fall into place, and everything will change. Why should this party be any different than the dozens before it? But this time has to be different. This this you’re wearing the right dress.

A short, five-minute read.

FREE at Smashwords!


Johnnie’s Girl:


I’d never have a chance with Johnnie’s girl.

There’s Johnnie Reynolds – charming, handsome, up-and-coming movie star – and then there’s me, Cricket. That’s the way it always has been. Johnnie can outshine me any day, and I’ve always been okay with that. Until the day I meet Johnnie’s girl, Debbie, and I start to wish I wasn’t the sidekick of this show, but the star…

At Smashwords


Free Flash Fiction

Welcome to the Amrah Publishing House’s series of flash fiction. Not just any flash fiction, but flash fiction free for the reading, right here on our website. Something romantic and under a hundred words – who could say no to that?

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