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An Interview with the Author of ‘Prince Charming’

Prince Charming has been out for quite a few weeks now, but we only just caught up with you now to do an interview! Yes, it’s been pretty busy lately. In addition to my usual writing, I’ve been trying to get into the swing of school again with my last year of my degree – … Continue reading

Interview with the Author of ‘Johnnie’s Girl,’ Harma-Mae Smit

What inspired you to write Johnnie’s Girl? A stack of fiction magazines from the ‘40s and 50s, actually – my family was staying in this little cabin by the ocean one summer, and every evening my sister and I would go up to the attic and read the retro magazines that the owners had stashed … Continue reading

Interview with the Author of ‘Spring Fever’

So, Harma-Mae, what inspired this short story? To be perfectly honest, it was experiencing the same sort of feelings Emily does in the story. Just feeling restless and fidgety in my own skin, without really knowing why. Was it the weather, was it because it was finally spring, or what? And then realizing maybe it … Continue reading

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