Is He Prince Charming? Receiving Five-Star Review at Readers’ Favorite!

It’s always satisfying to us to see the work of our authors pay off, which is why we were so happy to see Is He Prince Charming? receive a five-star review at Readers’ Favorite. Be sure to check it out here, but here are some highlights:

five-star review of prince charming“What does it really mean to be Prince Charming? For that matter, what does it really mean to be Cinderella? Dmitriv is supposed to choose a wife at the ball, but he’s having too much fun flirting with all the ladies who hover around him. It boosts his ego and makes him feel important. But at what cost? Does he realize how many people he’s hurting with his devil-may-care attitude? And what about Vasilisa? Is she really a Cinderella figure, sent to the ball by a fairy godmother? Is she really completely sweet, innocent and incapable of hurting anyone?

Is He Prince Charming? is a refreshing new look at the popular fairy tale. The author weaves a compelling story, loosely reminiscent of the original Cinderella story. By including the prince’s sister as the narrator, the reader gets an outside glimpse of both the prince and the charming Cinderella character (Vasilisa). Neither one is perfect… Like all good fairy tales, this one makes us look more closely at ourselves. Well done!”

Thank you to Readers’ Favorite and reviewer Emily-Jane Hills Orford!

Is He Prince Charming can be purchased at Amazon and Smashwords, or in paperback from PageMaster.

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