‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ – Our Monthly Flash Fiction Post

Welcome to ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ the sixth in the Amrah Publishing House’s series of flash fiction. Not just any flash fiction, but flash fiction free for the reading, right here on our website. Something romantic and under a hundred words – who could say no to that?

Happy Valentine’s Day

“Why do you think Valentine’s Day is in February?”

I glared at him. Words couldn’t express the venom I put into that glare.

“Seriously. It’s all a marketing stunt by retailers.”

I wrapped my arms around myself. One of his favourite rants, but I’d hoped this year, now that we were together—

“But I did it for you.”

My glare lightened. My jaw fell open. He held out the most beautiful bouquet of yellow roses.

You know what they say? Roses are cliché. But I knew they weren’t, for Roger, because he’d never bought anyone them before.

So I kissed him.

By: Harma-Mae Smit

Read: ‘Blind Date,’ ‘Lemon and Lime,’ ‘Homecoming,’ ‘Wal-Mart,‘ or ‘Must Love Dogs.’

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