‘Must Love Dogs’ – Our Monthly Flash Fiction Post

Welcome to ‘Must Love Dogs,’ the fifth in the Amrah Publishing House’s series of flash fiction. Not just any flash fiction, but flash fiction free for the reading, right here on our website. Something romantic and under a hundred words – who could say no to that?

Originally we decided to release a series of five – wow, five months go by so quickly! We shall update our ‘Free Flash Fiction’ page up at the top with links to EPUB and other versions of this series available for download in the near future. In the meantime – enjoy!

Must Love Dogs

 “You said you loved dogs.”

She was shivering. “I – just wanted you to like me. They actually – freak me out.”

He glanced from Rover to her. “Then – I guess – a romantic walk in the park with him isn’t a great plan.”

She looked up. “It is. Maybe just – hold my hand as we go?”

He grinned. “I can do that.”

And her shivering slowly subsided.

By: Harma-Mae Smit

Read: ‘Blind Date,’ ‘Lemon and Lime,’ ‘Homecoming,’ or ‘Wal-Mart

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