“Wal-Mart” – Our Monthly Flash Fiction Post

Welcome to ‘Wal-Mart,’ the fourth in the Amrah Publishing House’s series of flash fiction. Not just any flash fiction, but flash fiction free for the reading, right here on our website. Something romantic and under a hundred words – who could say no to that?


“I thought you were rich!” Cara knew rich people didn’t work at Wal-Mart.

“I thought you never shopped at Wal-Mart.” Ryan’s face was red.

“I only said it – I thought you were rich!”

“I only said that because I thought you were high-class!”

They stood awkwardly in the housewares aisle.

“Maybe,” Ryan said, “we need to have coffee again and say who we actually are?”

“Let’s.” Cara smiled.

By: Harma-Mae Smit

Read: ‘Blind Date,’ ‘Lemon and Lime,’ or ‘Homecoming

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