‘Homecoming’ – Our Monthly Flash Fiction Post

Welcome to ‘Homecoming,’ the third in the Amrah Publishing House’s series of flash fiction. Not just any flash fiction, but flash fiction free for the reading, right here on our website. Something romantic and under a hundred words – who could say no to that?


“This isn’t funny, Jeff.” I frowned. My parents’ nagging me to get married just wasn’t.

My brother Mac glanced between the two of us. “ Real sweet. I can see how you two hit off…”

My ears burned. Jeff bit his lip.

“We’re not… going out, Mac. I lied to Mom and Dad.” For obvious reasons.

Mac nodded knowingly. Raised his eyebrows.

“But I think, then – maybe you should be.”

By: Harma-Mae Smit

Read: ‘Blind Date‘ or, ‘Lemon and Lime

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