‘Something Like Friendship’ Release Tomorrow!

Our Fifth Episode in the Why Polly? Serialized Novel to be Released on May 31!

Don’t PollyChapter5miss ‘Something Like Friendship,’ available on Amazon this Friday. Our lively heroine, Polly Summers, has landed in the Magician’s Peak, with two enchanters and a princess. Worse than that, she’s discovered they’re all being threatened by a magical creature known as a jadess. Apparently this jadess wants magic, and she thinks if she gets her hands on any of them, she’ll be able to get it. Fortunately, the Magician’s Peak can keep her out. But it also means the four of them have to stay there for a while, and so hopefully they all get along…

Check out more from the Amrah Publishing House and Harma-Mae Smit at Amazon.

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