An Interview with the Author of ‘Prince Charming’

Prince CharmingPrince Charming has been out for quite a few weeks now, but we only just caught up with you now to do an interview!

Yes, it’s been pretty busy lately. In addition to my usual writing, I’ve been trying to get into the swing of school again with my last year of my degree – getting back into a routine again has been hard!

So there must’ve been something that inspired you to write Prince Charming.

Oh yes, there usually is something, isn’t there This time it was while I was watching Disney’s version of Cinderella. It occurred to me (as it never did when I was a kid) that the prince doesn’t say a whole lot during the movie. In fact, I don’t know that we hear him say anything to Cinderella, except maybe ‘Wait!’ when she runs away at the stroke of midnight. How good an idea did she have of what he really was like? Of course it is a Disney fairytale, so they live happily ever after. But he’s a prince – why shouldn’t he turn out to be a bit of a spoiled brat?

Cinderella has been re-written hundreds of times. How did you think you could do it differently?

Well, the focus is usually on Cinderella, isn’t it? The prince is usually assumed to be a perfect fit for her. But if he isn’t – is there still a possibility of a happy ending? That was what I wanted to explore.

And it’s interesting what you say about re-writing – you know, back in Ancient Greece it was sort of expected that, when writing tragedies or comedies or whatever, you would use characters from this set of mythological stock characters that was floating around – it was rare for you to make something up yourself. Our society has turned that completely around, with copyright and everything, so that writers tend to try to come up with something completely new each time. I think there’s room for both, and that’s maybe part of the reason writers keep re-visiting the fairytales. Each writer can bring some new facet to these well-known characters. But we can also come up with completely new creations.

So Anastasia was your new creation in this story.

Yes – doesn’t it make sense, if your main character is a brat, to view him from the point of view of an older sister? She’s someone who can see all his brattiness pretty clearly. I had fun with Anastasia’s sarcasm. Without her, Vasilisa’s innocence might have been a bit much.

Well – thank you for taking time to answer these questions! Hope your readers take the time to check Prince Charming out!

You’re welcome!

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