Interview with the Author of ‘Spring Fever’

Spring Fever, available now. (Cover by Paulina Smit, all rights reserved)

So, Harma-Mae, what inspired this short story?

To be perfectly honest, it was experiencing the same sort of feelings Emily does in the story. Just feeling restless and fidgety in my own skin, without really knowing why. Was it the weather, was it because it was finally spring, or what? And then realizing maybe it was because everyone I knew was falling in love around me.

How would you describe the story?

Pretty much how I’d describe most of my writing – a cheerful, upbeat story that leaves you feeling good. I like to write things that leave people feeling good.

Was it hard to find a cover designer?

 I looked at several options that writers who publish e-books use, but in the end it wasn’t too hard. Paulina has done a lot of designing, and she has some really unique ideas. So to collaborate on a new project wasn’t a big step for us.

What are your hopes for this story?

 Just that it accomplishes its goal and people enjoy reading it!

(Spring Fever is available at Smashwords and Amazon)

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